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Buy 'Crocodiles and Kaleko' at selected bookstores, on Amazon (kindle and paperback), Apple and Kobo for e-book.


Canberra bookstores include the National Library of Australia, Paperchain, Dymocks, Harry Hartog, Muse and Beyond Q. If stock has sold, just request a further order.


*Now at the Australian War Memorial, to coincide with their display on regional peace-keeping missions.


Or buy direct from the author on this website.

'In flowing and descriptive narrative, Henriksen reflects on her two years in the Solomons, including preparation, arrival, the pressures of the new job, her new friends, her new home, and the experiences that made the Solomons unique. While she shares some of her uncertainties and frustrations, it’s with an overall attitude of adventure and anticipation. 'Crocodiles and Kaleko' is as much a statement of the outlook on life and philosophy she developed while she lived there as it is an engaging memoir.'

Five Stars. Readers Favourite online review.


'Should be required reading for anyone planning to go to Solomon Islands.' James Batley, Distinguished Policy Fellow Centre, Department of Pacific Affairs, ANU.

'An incredible and inspiring way of storytelling that puts us right in the visual picture.'

Hilda, Canberra.


'..measured, kind, observant and respectful but without glossing over the frustrations.'

Susan, Port Moresby.

'..opened my eyes to some of the issues in the Solomons and I really enjoyed the easy to read conversational writing style and the humorous anecdotes that pepper the book. I laughed out loud more than once while reading it.'

Amazon online review.

'... what an enjoyable read it was.... your writing was very open and descriptive without being “all about me”. The communication difficulties, Solomon time and inconsistencies of services were all things that made me laugh... and I wonder how I would have coped in your situation. I certainly wanted to keep reading and found it hard to put the book down.'

Pam, Canberra

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